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Spartan Chess
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different strategies

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Spartan Chess™ is a chess variant played on a standard 8x8 chess board. The two sides have pieces and pawns with different characteristics and capabilities. Such differences you would expect between opponents on an actual ancient battlefield.

The Black side represents the Spartans and the White the Persians. The Persians have pawns, pieces, an initial placement, and move in accord with the rules of orthodox chess.

The Spartans have two Kings and with the exception of their Kings, every Spartan playing piece moves differently from any piece found in orthodox chess.

Spartan Chess Features:
• A Persian army (white) identical to that of orthodox chess
• A Spartan army led by two Kings
• Spartan pawns (hoplites) that move differently than orthodox pawns
• Spartan pieces that move differently than any found in orthodox chess
• No opening book
• No end game studies
• Asymmetric play and feel
• Can be played with a standard chess set
• Different victory conditions for both sides
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